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What requirements are needed for utility model protection?

For an invention to be susceptible to protection as a utility model it must meet the requirements of novelty, inventive step and industrial application (as is the case for patents).

What is a utility model?
What are the reasons for the importance of SPC?
What is subject to the SPC protection?
What is a supplementary protection certificate (SPC)?
Which agency is responsible for pocessing a PCT application?
What is a PCT patent application?
Who are the member countries of the European Patent Organisation?
What are the advantages of the European patent application?
What is an European patent application?
What is a national patent application?
How does invention publication relate to the requirement of novelty?
Why should you file a patent application?
When is the right time for the invention patent application for protection?
What causes patent expiration?
What are the reasons for patent expiry?
What is the purpose of patents?
They are a source of updated technological information which favours innovation
What are the requirements for the patent grant?
How does invention protection as patents work?

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