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Copyright Assignment: how to assign copyrights to third parties?

Yes, but only exploitation rights. Moral rights are not transferable.

What is a copyright’s duration?
Copyright Ownership: who is considered as the work’s author?
What does copyright protect?
What is a work?
What requirements must be met to register a PDO or PGI on an international level?
Can anyone register for the PDO or PGI application?
What scope of protection do Designations of Origin and Geographical Indications have?
What is the Protected Geographical Indication?
What is the protected Designation of Origin?
What is a “Clandestine Seed” and its commercial purpose?
What is Biopiracy?
What are the farmers’ law and exemption?
What is a technical test of a plant variety?
How long does plant variety protection last?
What are plant varieties?
Can a trade secret be transferred?
What are the differences between a trade secret and patent?
What are the differences between industrial secrets technical knowledge and know-how?
What is an industrial secret?

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