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Ask our International Desk


Our success resides in the human capital that makes up the Clarke, Modet & Co. Group. An international team of 450+ specialized and multidisciplinary professionals now works in our 34 offices in Spain, Portugal and Latin America.

Our reputation as the largest Intellectual Property group in Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries was built on their know-how and professionalism. The key is profile diversity: the majority of our lawyers also have a technical-scientific background, and we also rely on physicists, engineers, chemists, pharmacists, biotechnologists… who boast the high levels of knowledge and expertise needed to offer customised solutions and to guarantee the excellence of our service.

But above all, we share the passion and the ability to work together to maximize the value and impact of our clients’ Intellectual Property rights in all countries and activity sectors



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Supported by local IPR Experts

A team aided by professionals specialized in the Engineering (mechanical, electronic or telecommunications), Physics, Chemistry, Pharmacy, Biotechnology and Law fields provides technical and legal counsel and ample knowledge about several activity sectors.

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