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IP overview in Brazil

  • 17 May 2018
  • Webinars
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    Event date: 17 May 2018
  • time
    Event starts at: 11:00 am - America/Sao_Paulo
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    Event ends at: 11:30 am - America/Sao_Paulo
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    Speakers: Rafael Freire

If you want to know the latest Intellectual Property news happened in Brazil and what to expect in this country for 2018, you cannot miss this Webinar organized by Clarke, Modet & Cº.

You will be up to date about the key developments in Brazil in 30 minutes.

Do you want to learn more about them?

1. Patent Protection
a. Amendments and divisionals
b. Posibilities for expediting examination and PPHs.
c. Extension of Patent term.
d. Best strategies for patent protection

2. Trademark Protection
a. Trademark practice
b. Simplification of trademark procedures

3. Design Protection
a. Main provisions
b. Best strategies for design protection.

4. What is expected for 2018
a. Increase in productivity of patent examiners
b. Possibility of implementation of automatic allowance for patents
c. Preparation for joining the Madrid Protocol
d. Implementation of a guideline for Designs

Thursday, May 17th 2018
CST 11.00 am. (local time in Brazil) Duration: 30 minutes
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IP overview in BrazilIP overview in Brazil