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Ethical Channel

ClarkeModet has a channel open to third parties from which any interested party can raise any doubts or concerns about the compliance of the Ethics Code and the regulations of our company, as well as any report any irregularity detected in this sense.

Our ethical channel is open to clients, providers and other interested parties who wish to make any communication of an ethical and/or regulatory nature.

Through this channel you may:

Ethical Channel

Report an irregularity

Inform us of any ethical irregularity detected in your relationship with ClarkeModet or with any of its employees or members

Ethical Channel

Formulate a query

You can ask your questions about our ethics code or internal regulations using this route, please contact us

Ethical Channel

Track your complaints or queries

The platform of the ethical channel allows you to know the status of all the communications that you may have sent to ClarkeModet

?Our channels

If you have any concern about any behavior or conduct in our company or you have any detected any ethical irregularity, make your report by clicking on the corresponding country:


Am I obliged to make a complaint?

The participation through the channel contributes to making our company a more ethical firm.

The responsible use of the channel contributes to preventing and detecting conducts contrary to the ethical standards established in the Company, as well as to possibly solving them.

The participation of everyone is essential, because it contributes to reinforcing one of our values, confidence. We appreciate your contributions.

Which platform is used?

For the management of this channel, the software GlobalSUITE – Whistleblower Channel, belonging to AUDISEC, is used, which has a management system certified in ISO 27001, ISO 22301, ISO 20000 and ISO 9001, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information.

Is there a same channel for all the ClarkeModet companies?

No, each company has its own ethical channel which is managed independently and in an absolutely confidential manner.

How does the ethical channel work?

Once the report is made, you will receive a username and password in order to track it through the platform. The username provided is personal and non-transferable.

The reports will be managed by the regulatory compliance Committee of each company.

What guarantees does the channel have?

The channel is managed under the principles of:

  • Confidentiality
  • Veracity
  • Objectivity and independence
  • Professional secrecy
  • Guaranteeing the rights of presumption of innocence, privacy and defense

We guarantee the user the professional secrecy about any information he makes known to us in good faith and the absence of retaliation.

What type of reports can be made in this channel?

Only reports related to the actions of behaviors that may go against the ethical standards of the Company shall be made in this channel.

Service incidents, complaints or any other related query, must be made through the channels enabled for that purpose, different from the ethical channel:

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