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Sofía Jiménez

Patent Specialist


About Sofía Jiménez

IP specialist with 8 years of experience in the substantive examination of Mexican Patent Applications, particularly in the areas of electrical, mechanical, biomechanical and industrial models. This experience includes: adapting claim chapters according to Mexican Practice; reviewing and analyzing Technical Official Actions; proposing possible solutions to overcome technical problems related to clarity, inventive concept, novelty and inventive step raised in such Official Actions; adapting, amending and translating patent documents according to Mexican practice; preparing and filing appropriate responses within the deadlines of the Official Actions before IMPI; maintaining communication with applicants to resolve queries or doubts about their cases; and conducting interviews with the Examiners in charge of the cases at IMPI.


Bionic Engineering from the National Polytechnic Institute.
Master's Degree in Materials Science and Engineering, National Autonomous University of Mexico
"JPO/IPR Training Course for Practitioners Specializing in Patents" Tokyo, Japan

Languages: Spanish, English, French and German

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