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From the idea to the market

Our methodology enables us to cover a client’s entire innovation cycle with proactive, strategic and personalised advisory services.


Maintain my competitive advantage

Asserting your rights in the market to make the most of the advantages enjoyed compared to the competition

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Actions before third parties and other institutions or private or public bodies

At the forefront of new defence systems

In additional to traditional channels, the market offers countless alternative channels to be incorporated in the defence strategy.

  • Notice and take downs
  • Orders/ Cease and desist letters
  • Dispute resolution (negotiations, mediation, arbitration, alternative methods)
  • Appeals filed before agricultural authorities (plant varieties), health surveillance agencies (for registries)
  • New technology contracts

Representation before tribunals and courts

Active defence of the assets through legal channels

The last line of defence may be easily avoidable and very effective if you work on a personalised strategy from the very beginning.

  • Contentious (administrative, civil, criminal, commercial, etc.)
  • Actions/claims of infringement
  • Reinstatement of rights
  • Actions/claims of invalidity
  • Actions/claims of unfair competition
  • Expert report/analysis
  • Sanction procedures of the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD)

Action before official IP registries

Active defence of the assets in the registries

If a competitor has obtained or intends to obtain an IP right that stands in your way, there are many options to get around this obstacle.

  • Objections (before and after being granted, re-examination)
  • Procedures for invalidity, cancellation and expiration
  • Contract register
  • Observations from third parties
  • Reinstatement of rights
  • Claims / Appeals


Planning an efficient defence of your assets

After receiving a risk notice, a correct analysis allows you to establish the most suitable strategy for defence or attack in line with your objectives.

  • Opinion of validity or invalidity
  • Infringement opinion
  • Freedom-to-Operate studies / Clearance opinions


Constant control of potential threats

Continuous monitoring of the market and the early detection of potential sources of risk for the rights achieved.

  • Monitoring the official IP registries (notices)
  • Monitoring of and registration in trademark registries (customs, private monitoring registers of eBay, Amazon, etc.)
  • Other ad hoc monitoring systems (private investigators, etc.)

Our experts at your service

Professionals specialized in the fields of mechanical engineering, electronics, telecommunications, law, economics, physics, chemistry, pharmacy and biotechnology will provide you with dedicated technical and legal advice for your needs

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