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From the idea to the market

Our methodology enables us to cover a client’s entire innovation cycle with proactive, strategic and personalised advisory services.


Guide and create my competitive advantage

Improving the focus of the process of creating competitive advantages sought by the market and that are not held by the competition

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Anticipate the competition and make the most of your competitive advantage

Building a clear and advanced strategy to guide the creation of a competitive advantage.

  • Digital security
  • Use for commercial information
  • Report on patentability
  • Research on use
  • Legal audits (contracts, etc.)
  • Protection strategy
  • Preparation and drafting of patents, designs, models and trademarks


Constant monitoring of changes in the market

Stay constantly alert in order to ensure early detection of any changes in the market or in the competition.

  • Monitoring and supervision of patents, trademarks and other types of IP
  • Online monitoring of trademarks and domains
  • Technological monitoring


Design the competitive advantage

Localising and focusing, within all the variables analysed, on those that are key for the project.

  • Technology screening
  • Infringement reports
  • Freedom-to-operate studies
  • Patent maps


Control the business environment

Through systems that give you a clear picture of the market and competitive environment.

  • Searches for the State of the Art
  • Searches aimed at specific fields (by holder, family, etc.)
  • Audit of IP portfolio
  • Audits (website, data protection, APP)
  • GDPR – Data protection
  • Know-how protocol (Business secrets)

Our experts at your service

Professionals specialized in the fields of mechanical engineering, electronics, telecommunications, law, economics, physics, chemistry, pharmacy and biotechnology will provide you with dedicated technical and legal advice for your needs


How can we find the existing technologies/inventions on the market?

Through Technology Surveillance and Intelligence we can obtain information relating to previous disclosure of items which are the same as, or similar to, the technology or invention.

What is Technology Surveillance?

Technology Surveillance is a management tool which allows the company to reduce risk in its decisions. It involves knowing the right information at the right time and is essential for R&D&I activities. It covers information relating to projects, initiatives, new technologies, possible partners, market demands, financial opportunities, regulations and other documentation of technical interest.

What is a Technology Surveillance report?


A Technology Surveillance report offers the interested party a summary of the patents relating to a specific technology through which it may update its knowledge with the latest developments. The report types cover a range which goes from specific monitoring (on-demand document service) up to a warning system (periodic document service).

What benefits does the Technology Surveillance approach offer?


  • Updating the customer’s knowledge in the researched technology or technologies.
  • Supporting the research process.
  • Establishing a development’s novelty level.
  • Minimising the risk in strategic R&D&I planning.
  • Orientation of the best technology development strategy.
What is Technology Intelligence?


Intelligence differs from surveillance in that it constitutes a further step in the process of managing the information obtained: monitoring aims to search for and obtain the most relevant information for our environment interests, while Intelligence emphasises the analysis and evaluation of the results obtained from the monitoring based on different “indicators” or analysis types. This is presented in the form of reports aimed at facilitating decision-making.

What benefits does performing Technology Intelligence offer?


  • It helps to minimise risk in strategic R&D&I planning by anticipating and detecting changes in the direction of technology and the environment
  • It determines and identifies the environment and technological trends in the market
  • It identifies competitors, potential partners and/or companies producing technology and defines the possible entry barriers to a market: technological, legal and of the environment in general

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