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Let’s talk about Spain

Spain has an enormous cultural and linguistic wealth, which, in conjunction with its geographical location and degree of development in terms of innovation, make it one of the most attractive countries for foreign investment.

Spain was the fifth country in the world to implement patent legislation and its adhesion to most of the international treaties on Intellectual Property confer it an unbeatable position as a management centre of Intellectual Property rights, particularly for those who seek a bridge to enter the Spanish and Portuguese speaking markets or who want to enter the European markets.

Founded in 1879, speaking about ClarkeModet España is synonymous with speaking about the history of Intellectual Property in the country, born at the dawn of the first modern patent and trademark laws in Spain, and at a time when international treaties concerning this issue were beginning to take shape.
Since then the company has evolved to become a global Intellectual Property company. We have over 10 offices in Spain, serving the main economic centres in the country as a result of our commitment to nearness and personalised customer service from a local point of view, but always with a global outlook.


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