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Argentina’s gradual insertion in the world’s political / economic scene makes it an attractive place for business today, as the country has become increasingly more integrated in the global markets. The path its foreign policies is taking hails enormous possibilities in international cooperation in terms of technology and industry, whilst at the same time it shows encouraging growth forecasts in trade exchange.

Teeming with valuable natural and human resources, and favoured by predictability and institutional dialogue, Argentina today has true development opportunities.

Since 1965, ClarkeModet Argentina has been operating with offices in Buenos Aires and later expanded to the city of Córdoba. It has a highly qualified, active team comprising 29 professionals, consisting of lawyers, chemists, engineers and Intellectual Property Agents, who work together to provide personalised solutions, and will accompany you throughout the lifecycle of your Industrial and Intellectual Property rights.



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Throughout our history we have developed strong alliances and cooperation with public and private institutions.

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