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International Desk

Your strategic partner for Latam, Spain and Portugal 

ClarkeModet has decades of experience working with clients all over the world to define the best strategy for the Intellectual Property rights portfolio in Latin America, Spain and Portugal. With the aim of being near to our customers from USA, Asia and Europe, we have appointed an International Business Development team. They have wide experience and deep knowledge on the subject and act as a hub for LATAM, Spain and Portugal.

We are your Hub for Latin America, Spain and Portugal 
ClarkeModet is the biggest group specialising in Intellectual Property and is present in 10 countries covering Latin America, Spain and Portugal. We have over 450 professional experts who work from our 26 offices around the world. All of them work to design the best strategy for your Intellectual Property portfolio.

140 years of experience endorse our company as the main firm and starting point to protect your Intellectual Property rights in countries in Latin America, Spain and Portugal. Our services include prior consultancy on intangible assets, registration and management of Intellectual Property rights, defence and control of industrial and Intellectual Property portfolios, transfer, exploitation and capitalisation of industrial and intellectual property portfolios, management systems and training.

Advantages of our value proposal:
A single point of entry to Latin America: We centralise strategic management of your Intellectual Property portfolio. We combine a global outlook with wide local experience through our network of group companies with their widely experienced and capable human capital.

Experience and knowledge of the principal sectors: pharmaceuticals and bio-technology; chemicals and materials; electrics and electronics; mechanical engineering. We have international, multidisciplinary teams with legal and scientific training who are bilingual in their different languages.

A wide range of legal and Intellectual Property consultancy services. We advise our clients on the latest trends and novelties concerning jurisprudence in Latin America, Spain and Portugal to guarantee maximum protection of our clients’ Intellectual Property rights. Each country has different Intellectual Property legislation (with the exception of the Andean Community), different practices, different authorities and independent databases. Nevertheless, since we comprise a group of 10 companies, our experts share their knowledge and opinions for full, comprehensive protection in each country.

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