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Colombia is a country with a huge biodiversity and enormous natural resources, a diverse economy and the second most numerous Spanish speaking population on the continent. Its privileged geographical location, with coasts on two ocean fronts, facilitates trade with other countries and makes it a key point for foreign investment.

Over recent years Colombia’s economy has evolved towards open markets and more sophisticated consumers, committing to innovation as a key item for development. In this context, domestic and foreign companies who want to set up in the country need comprehensive advice about the most suitable strategies in terms of Intellectual Property and processes for creating, protecting and exploiting knowledge.

ClarkeModet Colombia has been operating in Bogotá and Medellín since 1995 with a team of 30 professionals consisting of lawyers, chemists, engineers, bio-technologies and Intellectual Property agents. We work to provide personalised, comprehensive solutions for companies throughout the life cycle of the Intellectual Property rights and innovation processes.



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