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Case of success

Greendyes and its IP revolutionize the sustainable textile market

Greendyes, a Spanish startup specialized in the production of natural dyes for the textile industry, has revolutionized the industry by putting polluting dyes in check.

In the process, ClarkeModet has played a fundamental role: after three plagiarism attempts, the figure of the trade secret has managed to move the company from the laboratory to the industry.






Trade Secret

The challenge

The company created a formula that drastically reduced the environmental impact of its processes. However, without having a legal figure and the necessary protocol to protect their advances, three attempts at plagiarism almost ended their potential success.

A pioneering procedure needs protection

Identifying the legal and protocol figures that can protect your invention is key to ensuring its success. Pioneering is just as important at the time of invention as it is at launch.

Your business advances protected

As a project grows and new stakeholders emerge, it is also important to manage requests for information from third parties in order to license your technology.

Increasing the market value of your assets and putting them at the service of the business strategy

“It’s been very useful and our entire team is learning how to use this way of classifying information. As the client asks for more and more information, we already know how to handle this issue and it has been extremely helpful in licensing our technology and negotiating it”, says Manel Subirats, founder of the company.

You can learn more about the Greendyes and Nextil project:

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