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Eco Circuito: Protecting technology for sustainable waste management

Eco Circuito is a company that helps companies manage their waste, combining knowledge and technology in line with sustainable development goals. Their purpose is to promote zero discharge operations and reduce food waste for a better world for the next generations.

Eco Circuito’s work begins with the study of waste, where it comes from, where it goes, and how. From there, they outline alternative processes and solutions, through applied knowledge and technology.


Eco Circuito





The challenge

ClarkeModet helped the client protect their technology through a patent application. The scope of protection was developed with the objective of overcoming prior art searches, that is, documents that are identified as state of the art, and thus an adequate protection strategy was designed.


Our expert knowledge

The patent application was prepared by one of ClarkeModet’s specialists in the technological area, who has extensive experience in current legislation, an essential requirement for the patent application to be viable and to be accepted without formal requirements. The application was filed with the National Institute of Industrial Property – INPI on July 5, 2021.

Acceleration of Patent Application Examination

Another extremely important point of our strategy was to think about how to speed up the examination of the Patent Application. Thus we opted for the Priority Technical Examination Request based on the constitution of the company that is considered small. All the necessary formalities were completed, including the request for advance publication.

Grant of the patent in record time

As a result of the designed strategy, the patent was granted without requirements on January 18, 2022, in a record time of 6 months, considering the INPI delay. This success was achieved thanks to ClarkeModet’s more than 250 patent experts, who work with a global vision and deep local knowledge to design strategies tailored to each client’s case.

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