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The main challenges in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry

By: Jaime de la Mora

March 23, 2023

Although the challenges faced by the industries in the regions are very diverse and range from high-end brand piracy in Mexico to the trapping of imported inputs in Argentina, there are some examples that affect everyone to a greater or lesser extent. countries.

The new consumer trends, many people globally are choosing to consume products of vegan origin and reducing the consumption of products of animal origin or other derivatives, such as milk and eggs. This leads to the development of new products that satisfy the needs of the consumer without making him incur organoleptic sacrifices.

The impact on the environment of large farms for animal husbandry. Many environmental and consumer groups because of greenhouse gas emissions seek to reduce the carbon footprint of industries.

Logistics bottleneck, the food industry faces two main problems: first, in the inbound towards its production chain, companies face a lack of raw materials and packaging material; secondly, in the outbound, the lack of transportation has caused agricultural products not to find timely transportation to their destination.

The illicit commercialization of low-quality, contraband and counterfeit products, putting the health of the population at risk due to lack of control and interaction of the health, police and border authorities.

The lack of government priority on the implementation of a drug policy that guarantees the right to access and pharmaceutical services.

The above challenges represent, to a greater or lesser extent, a threat to the main assets of companies, such as their brands and trade secrets. Therefore, it is important to have professional support of the highest level.

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