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Leaders League recognizes ClarkeModet again this 2023

July 12, 2023

The prestigious LeadersLeague ranking has recognized ClarkeModet Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, Spain and Portugal in various IP matters, including patents, trademarks, litigation, plant varieties, enforcement, innovation consulting, technology and telecom.

We are very proud of the entire team that made the recognition possible in your country and not only that, but in addition to being “recommended” we have been “highly recommended” in most of the categories.

We would especially like to congratulate this year’s 39 Leaders League Featured Experts, who have demonstrated their commitment to providing the professional, innovative and expert service that ClarkeModet provides to all our clients. Our featured experts this 2023 are: Marcos Santivañez Vieyra (Legal Services Director Argentina), María Nájera (Senior IP Specialist Argentina), Maria Luisa Santa Maria (Country Managing Director Argentina), Claudio Castanheira (Regional Managing Director Brazil), Ricardo Boclin (Inventions Director Brazil), Arthur Lourenco (Central Services Director Brazil), Fabrize Pereira de la Cruz (Trademarks Prosecution Manage Brazil), Patricia Falcao (Legal Services Manager Brazil), Samuel Hammer (IP Specialist Chile), Daniela Meza (Trademarks Prosecution Manager Chile), Danica Mardesic (Inventions Director Chile), Carolina Daza (International IP Senior Consultant Colombia), Silvia Patiño (Country Managing Director Colombia), Juliana Gonzalez (Central Services Director Colombia), Miguel Rujana (Trademarks Director Colombia), Claudia Márquez (Trademarks Director Mexico), Roman Soto (Central Services Director Mexico), Patricia Conelly (Inventions Prosecution Manager Mexico), Sharemy Gómez (Project Manager Mexico), José Marquis (IP Specialist Peru), Jimena Ugarte (Country Managing Director Peru), Gheira Mori (IP Specialist Peru), Alvaro Arias (Country Managing Director Peru), Cynthia Huaman (Patent Specialist Peru), Fabiana Penades (Country Managing Director Uruguay), Rosario Echeverría (Legal Services Director Spain), Elsa Nayra Martín (Trademarks Prosecution Manager Spain), Miguel Rigueiro (Bids & Tenders IP Consultant Spain), Marta Tolón (Trademarks Director Spain), Paola Rúa (Inventions Director Spain), Ignacio Gómez-Acebo (Regional Managing Director Spain), Raquel Gómez-Limón (Group Central Services Officer Spain), Laura Caba (Central Services Director Spain), Jorge Oria (Legal Services Director Spain), Manuel Gil (Trademarks Director Portugal), Adriana Esteves (IP Consultancy Director Portugal) and Maria Cruz Garcia (County Managing Director Portugal).

We thank the effort, dedication and professionalism to each of the members of the ClarkeModet team, since it is thanks to the support received from each one of you that we are able to reach these achievements, but above all to our clients, who give us their trust.

We are motivated by how much we have grown compared to past years, because in just three years we have positioned ourselves better and better, demonstrating our commitment to our customers and the industry. Let’s continue to grow and innovate more and more. We are confident that this is one of the many achievements that await us at ClarkeModet.

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