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ClarkeModet has been recognized as IP Leading Firms by Legal 500

November 21, 2023

We are thrilled to share some incredible news that has us beaming with pride. Six ClarkeModet companies across Latin America and Europe—Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Spain, and Uruguay—have been recognized by the prestigious Legal 500 Ranking as leading experts in Intellectual Property, with a spotlight on our excellence in patent matters.

The Legal 500 is a leading international legal directory that conducts in-depth research and analysis to assess and rank law firms and practitioners across various legal specialties, including Intellectual Property (IP). Specifically, in the realm of Intellectual Property, Legal 500 evaluates the expertise and capabilities of law firms and professionals in handling matters related to patents, trademarks, copyrights, and other aspects of IP law.

The ranking process involves extensive research, client feedback, and interviews with industry peers to gauge the quality of services provided by law firms. Legal 500’s rankings serve as a valuable resource for businesses and individuals seeking legal services in the field of Intellectual Property.

Our companies have been recognized as follow:

  • Argentina : Tier 4 Intellectual Property
  • Colombia: Tier 4 Intellectual Property
  • Mexico: Tier 4 Intellectual Property
  • Peru: Tier 3 Intellectual Property
  • Spain: Tier 4 Intellectual Property Trademarks
  • Uruguay: Tier 4 Intellectual Property

We also congratulate Maria Luisa Santa María, Country Managing ClarkeModet Argentina, for being recognized as Next Generation Partner in this edition 2024.

Being recognized by Legal 500 is considered a prestigious acknowledgment of a law firm’s excellence and proficiency in handling IP-related matters, providing clients with a reliable guide to identify top performers in the legal industry. This achievement is a testament to the dedication and expertise of our outstanding teams across the region. It reflects the passion we bring to every aspect of Intellectual Property management.

To our valued clients: A heartfelt thank you! Your trust is the driving force behind our commitment to excellence. We’re immensely grateful for the strong partnerships that have brought us to this moment.

At ClarkeModet, we don’t just manage IP; we craft strategies, navigate complexities, and champion innovation. This recognition fuels our determination to set new standards and redefine success in the IP landscape.

Cheers to our incredible teams, our visionary clients, and the exciting journey ahead! Let’s continue this trajectory of excellence in Intellectual Property.

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