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We protect Intellectual Property worldwide.

Do not call inspiration what is actually plagiarism. We guard your trademarks, patents, and other assets thanks to the most advanced technology and the largest IP network worldwide.

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One-Stop Shop IP service

We centralize the management of your IP portfolio in Europe and Latin America through a single specialized contact.

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Advanced technology in our solutions

Can you imagine technologies such as blockchain, NFTs, or the metaverse to serve your IP needs? We do.

Blockchain y Secreto Empresarial

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Trade Secret & Blockchain

Our trade secret management system supported by blockchain can protect you from cyberattacks, information leaks, and third-party infringements.

IP en el metaverso

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IP in the Metaverse

We protect and defend the IP rights of your company against the main challenges of the metaverse: a fuzzy legal environment, responsibilities of intermediaries and your safety as an owner.

Inteligencia Tecnológica

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Techological Intelligence

Our IT reports will allow you to know the technological environment and positioning of your invention so you can make strategic decisions regarding R&D.

Valoración IP Marcas Patentes

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IP Valuation

Intangible assets are part of a company’s property and, in many cases, they are the most valuable part of the company.
Knowing their value is key to be able to negotiate with them, either when seeking funding or investment, in mergers and acquisitions processes, or in dispute resolutions, among others.
During the valuation process, we analyze the asset and its market positioning, applying the most appropriate valuation approach according to the company’s objective.

Protección del Trade Dress

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Trade Dress

Does your business have a distinctive scent? Is it easily recognized, for example, by its employee’s uniform? Or by the furniture and its arrangement? Trade Dress protects your commercial image by delimiting the features that are to your business.

How can we help you?

Find which of our solutions meets your needs.

Immersive technology

We enhance the value of your ideas

From an idea to the market

We take care of accompanying you in each phase of your innovation cycle.

Phase 1

I have an idea!

Is there something similar in the market? How can I protect it?

We can guide you with the best IP strategy to develop a new product or service.

Phase 2

I want to protect my innovation

What process do I have to follow? Which methods are the most effective?

We take care of registering and securing your IP, advising you at each step.

Phase 3

I want to take advantage of my IP

How can I keep my portfolio? In case of litigation, how should I act?

We have an ad-hoc strategy to make your portfolio profitable and defend it against third-party infringements.

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