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Aug 2016

Trademark Enforcement in Latin America

Peru: New guidance on the legal use of computer programs or software

28 July 2016

Creation of Criminal Court specialized in Intellectual Property in Peru

26 July 2016
The importance of orienting production and protection of knowledge within companies
26 July 2016

The new domain .SHOP

ARTICLE - 20 July 2016

Intellectual Property in the Internet: if you can't beat change, join it

19 July 2016
The IP BREXIT and the Copyright
18 July 2016
Clarke, Modet & Cº Mexico: Extend to July 31st the deadline for receiving works for its 7th Prize for Journalists Scientific and Technological Innovation
18 July 2016
The IP BREXIT and the domain .eu
ARTICLE - 15 July 2016
The legal protection of video games
14 July 2016
The IP BREXIT and Community Plant Varieties
ARTICLE - 14 July 2016
Forum "Copper is Trendy" leaded by Clarke, modet & Cº Chile
13 July 2016
Jul 2016
IP BREXIT: What we know and what we should know...
Clarke, Modet & Cº Chile takes part in the seminar "Beyond the Paper"
12 July 2016
The IP BREXIT: the Community Design and the European Union Trademark
11 July 2016
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