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Venezuela: Payment of official fees in USD suspended temporarily
ARTICLE - 19 February 2018
A good question: Why register your trademarks in Venezuela?
6 July 2017
Increase in Official Fees for Intellectual Property Services in Venezuela
6 March 2017
New Intellectual Property Law in Ecuador
10 January 2017
Eureka, I had an innovative and practical idea! Where do I have to start to make it only mine?

ARTICLE - 29 November 2016

IP BREXIT: How does it affect us?

8 July 2016

Industrial Designs Granted in Venezuela for the first time in 10 years

10 June 2016
Important Notice: Non working days in Venezuela
18 March 2016
New Official Fees in Venezuela Officially Published
ARTICLE - 14 March 2016
Notice of New Working Hours of the Venezuelan PTO
1 March 2016
Restore Communications
ARTICLE - 24 February 2016
Communications Failure
23 February 2016
Importance of domain name registrations
ARTICLE - 11 February 2016
The importance of a prior trademark search - Problems for Alphabet?
21 September 2015
Intellectual property and entrepreneurship: everything an entrepreneur must know
17 August 2015
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