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Preview of the changes to the industrial property code (CPI) in terms of trademarks
ARTICLE - 20 March 2018
Supplementary Protection Certificates in Spain and Portugal
2 February 2018
The role of Intellectual Property in the internet
31 August 2017
Two new partnerships Startup Braga and Startup Nano
16 August 2017
Cybersecurity: lock and protect your IP
ARTICLE - 5 July 2017
Sports and Intellectual Property
12 June 2017
The Utility Model and the protection of incremental innovations
16 May 2017
Clarke, Modet & Cº Portugal and COTEC Portugal Sign Collaboration Agreement
13 March 2017
Gummy Lovers: use IP to be a Guru
ARTICLE - 3 March 2017
New Intellectual Property Law in Ecuador
10 January 2017
Exhaustion of right
ARTICLE - 25 August 2016

IP BREXIT: How does it affect us?

8 July 2016
Transferring technology from the University to the Market: Paper-e®
ARTICLE - 25 May 2016
Portugal: Notification date of the Marketing Authorization on the basis for the Supplementary Protection Certificate (SPC) term calculation
17 February 2016
Importance of domain name registrations
11 February 2016
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