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The BRPTO and the DKPTO signed an agreement in order to expedite the prosecution of patent applications
ARTICLE - 14 April 2018
It is now possible to validate European patents in Cambodia
5 March 2018
Supplementary Protection Certificates in Spain and Portugal
2 February 2018

Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) Pilot Program BRPTO-SIPO

1 February 2018
New Brazilian pilot program on the issuance of pre-examination reports
ARTICLE - 23 January 2018
New EPO Regulation
6 November 2017
Post-Brexit Industrial Property Rights
3 October 2017
The Apostille Convention is now in effect in Guatemala
3 October 2017
Patents Brazil: Update
ARTICLE - 8 September 2017
Agreement between the European Union and China to protect Geographical Indications
17 August 2017
Two new partnerships Startup Braga and Startup Nano
ARTICLE - 16 August 2017
New framework for Spanish patentees
24 July 2017
The Peruvian Electronic Gazette is implemented
ARTICLE - 7 July 2017
About Normative Act Nº 70 issued by BRPTO
20 June 2017
A Probably Coming up Treaty for Argentina?
26 May 2017
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