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México: Upcoming amendments to the Industrial Property Law regarding trademarks
ARTICLE - 24 April 2018
Reform to the Industrial Property Law come in force
4 April 2018
Artificial Intelligence and Copyright
14 November 2017
México and the PPH procedures (Patent Prosecution Highway)
24 May 2017

Mexico and China, different perspectives on innovation

ARTICLE - 8 May 2017
Technological development at a Mexican manufacturing crisis
27 April 2017
Feb 2017
IP and Regulatory Affairs in Mexico
Clarke, Modet & Cº Mexico winner of Corporate Intl Magazine Global Award 2017 - "IP Litigation Experts of the Year in Mexico"
15 February 2017
Financing for innovation
ARTICLE - 10 February 2017
Our subsidiaries in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and Portugal, nominees for the 2017 IP Excellence Awards


20 January 2017
New Intellectual Property Law in Ecuador
ARTICLE - 10 January 2017
Milestones in Intellectual Property in Mexico during 2016
3 January 2017
Current application of the linkage system in Mexico
ARTICLE - 22 December 2016
Exhaustion of Industrial Property Rights
20 December 2016
TPP and its impact in the Intellectual Property in Mexico
16 November 2016
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