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Reform to the Industrial Property Law come in force
ARTICLE - 4 April 2018
Artificial Intelligence and Copyright
14 November 2017
México and the PPH procedures (Patent Prosecution Highway)
24 May 2017

Mexico and China, different perspectives on innovation

8 May 2017
Technological development at a Mexican manufacturing crisis
ARTICLE - 27 April 2017
Feb 2017
IP and Regulatory Affairs in Mexico
Clarke, Modet & Cº Mexico winner of Corporate Intl Magazine Global Award 2017 - "IP Litigation Experts of the Year in Mexico"
15 February 2017
Financing for innovation
10 February 2017
Our subsidiaries in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and Portugal, nominees for the 2017 IP Excellence Awards


ARTICLE - 20 January 2017
New Intellectual Property Law in Ecuador
10 January 2017
Milestones in Intellectual Property in Mexico during 2016
ARTICLE - 3 January 2017
Current application of the linkage system in Mexico
22 December 2016
Exhaustion of Industrial Property Rights
ARTICLE - 20 December 2016
TPP and its impact in the Intellectual Property in Mexico
16 November 2016
Copyright limitation in favor of people with disability in Mexico
28 October 2016
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