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Post-Brexit Industrial Property Rights
ARTICLE - 3 October 2017
The Apostille Convention is now in effect in Guatemala
3 October 2017
The role of Intellectual Property in the internet
31 August 2017
Agreement between the European Union and China to protect Geographical Indications
17 August 2017
Two new partnerships Startup Braga and Startup Nano
ARTICLE - 16 August 2017
Perú_ Change in the procedure and cost of the registrations
24 July 2017
The Peruvian Electronic Gazette is implemented
7 July 2017
A good question: Why register your trademarks in Venezuela?
6 July 2017
Sports and Intellectual Property
ARTICLE - 12 June 2017

Mexico and China, different perspectives on innovation

8 May 2017
The Apostille to the Hague Convention has already entered into force in Chile
ARTICLE - 19 September 2016
Non-traditional trademarks in Colombia
5 May 2016
Spain and IP: definitive indicators from 2015 and first data from 2016
ARTICLE - 28 April 2016

World Intellectual Property Day: Spain is a force to be reckoned with

26 April 2016
26 April is now something more than Intellectual Property Day, as it has finally become "World Heritage"
26 April 2016
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