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Value generation from the exploitation of Intellectual Property
ARTICLE - 23 May 2017
The importance of the specification as patent document
8 May 2017
Biodiversity, Biotechnology and Intellectual Property: their relevance for the development of Colombia
21 March 2017
Milestones in Intellectual Property in Colombia during 2016
21 February 2017
Our subsidiaries in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and Portugal, nominees for the 2017 IP Excellence Awards


ARTICLE - 20 January 2017
Imatinib Case and its implications for assessment of patent applications in Colombia
11 January 2017
New Intellectual Property Law in Ecuador
10 January 2017
Clarke, Modet & Cº Colombia sponsors Héroes Fest
16 December 2016
Meeting with Clarke, Modet & Cº Colombia
ARTICLE - 13 December 2016
Clarke, Modet & Cº Colombia present at the event "Iberoamérica emprende desde la Universidad"

4 November 2016
Clarke, Modet & Cº Colombia takes part in Foro de Presidentes

ARTICLE - 2 November 2016

Interview with Ana Morato in Revista RS

28 September 2016
New developments on Patent Prosecution Highway in Colombia
ARTICLE - 14 September 2016
First tactile trademark in Colombia
12 August 2016
The importance of orienting production and protection of knowledge within companies
26 July 2016
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