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Trademarks in Brazil
ARTICLE - 10 July 2018
Legislative bill on treatment and protection of personal data in Brazil
20 June 2018
Phase II of Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) Pilot Program BRPTO-USPTO
25 May 2018
The BRPTO and the DKPTO signed an agreement in order to expedite the prosecution of patent applications
14 April 2018
CADE understands that there was no anticompetitive action and shelved the lawsuit against VW, Fiat and Ford
ARTICLE - 2 April 2018

Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) Pilot Program BRPTO-SIPO

1 February 2018
New Brazilian pilot program on the issuance of pre-examination reports
23 January 2018
Regulation for simplified granting procedure of patent applications in Brazil to be approved soon
26 December 2017
ARTICLE - 30 October 2017
Patents Brazil: Update
8 September 2017
Aug 2017
EVENT - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
ABPI's 37th International Congress
Patents Brazil: Proposal for extraordinary and simplified granting procedure
2 August 2017
About Normative Act Nº 70 issued by BRPTO
ARTICLE - 20 June 2017
Jun 2017
The imminent beginning of the new process for examining Pharma Patents in Brazil
Anvisa’s interference in brazilian’s patent prosecution: Is it coming to an end?
3 May 2017
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