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Patents Brazil: Update
ARTICLE - 8 September 2017
Aug 2017
EVENT - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
ABPI's 37th International Congress
Patents Brazil: Proposal for extraordinary and simplified granting procedure
2 August 2017
About Normative Act Nº 70 issued by BRPTO
20 June 2017
Jun 2017
The imminent beginning of the new process for examining Pharma Patents in Brazil
Anvisa’s interference in brazilian’s patent prosecution: Is it coming to an end?
3 May 2017
The year 2016 in Intellectual Property in Brazil: priority for trademarks and patents

7 February 2017
Brazil adopts 11th edition of Nice Classification
26 January 2017
Our subsidiaries in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and Portugal, nominees for the 2017 IP Excellence Awards


ARTICLE - 20 January 2017
New Intellectual Property Law in Ecuador
10 January 2017
Efficeres, incubated by Supera, files patent application to increase sugarcane productivity
ARTICLE - 29 December 2016
BRPTO publishes new guidelines for examination of computer program implemented inventions
19 December 2016
Brazil: Analysis of international patents and the global economy

ARTICLE - 7 October 2016
The Apostille Convention has already entered into force in Brazil
21 September 2016
Superintendent of CADE has concluded that the automakers VW, Fiat and Ford practiced an anticompetitive action against independent auto parts manufacturers
17 August 2016
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