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Latest Updates: Industrial Property Reform in Argentina
ARTICLE - 5 February 2018
New Managing Director for Clarke, Modet & Co Argentina
12 December 2017
A Probably Coming up Treaty for Argentina?
26 May 2017
“Food is the holiest thing in Earth; everything we eat contains the universe”
26 April 2017
Clarke, Modet & Co Argentina, among InnUBAtec 2017 leaders
ARTICLE - 19 April 2017
IP Milestones in Argentina during 2016
28 March 2017
Interview to Engineer Luis Palacios, Innovation and Technological Development Manager at Molinos Agro
14 February 2017
Córdoba innovates and undertakes
12 January 2017
New Intellectual Property Law in Ecuador
ARTICLE - 10 January 2017
Clarke, Modet & Cº Argentina Award Giving Ceremony
27 December 2016
Argentina: The 11th edition of the Nice Agreement for the international classification of goods and services enters into force


ARTICLE - 16 December 2016
Argentina faces a new opportunity to PCT entry

14 October 2016
Every law has it loophole...
ARTICLE - 30 August 2016
New official fees in Argentina
16 August 2016

Intellectual Property in the Internet: if you can't beat change, join it

19 July 2016
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