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Patents Brazil: Proposal for extraordinary and simplified granting procedure
ARTICLE - 2 August 2017
Jun 2017
The imminent beginning of the new process for examining Pharma Patents in Brazil
The Utility Model and the protection of incremental innovations
16 May 2017
The importance of the specification as patent document
8 May 2017
Anvisa’s interference in brazilian’s patent prosecution: Is it coming to an end?
ARTICLE - 3 May 2017
Technological development at a Mexican manufacturing crisis
27 April 2017
“Food is the holiest thing in Earth; everything we eat contains the universe”
26 April 2017
New Patent Law and regulations on SPC applications in Spain
27 February 2017
Imatinib Case and its implications for assessment of patent applications in Colombia
ARTICLE - 11 January 2017
Jul 2016
IP BREXIT: What we know and what we should know...
The IP BREXIT and The European patent with unitary effect and the Unified Patent Court
ARTICLE - 10 July 2016

IP BREXIT: How does it affect us?

8 July 2016
Kuwait, member of the PCT treaty
ARTICLE - 5 July 2016
Pilot Program of PPH among the Patent Offices of the Pacific Alliance countries
4 July 2016
Jun 2016

"Strategic Patent Protection for Software, Electronic and Mechanical Technologies" Spotlight: Mexico and Brazil

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