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It is now possible to request declaration of well-known status in India
ARTICLE - 23 January 2017
Aug 2016

Implementation of an Opposition System in Mexico

First tactile trademark in Colombia
12 August 2016
Implementation of an Opposition System in Mexico
2 August 2016
Jul 2016
IP BREXIT: What we know and what we should know...
The IP BREXIT: the Community Design and the European Union Trademark
11 July 2016

IP BREXIT: How does it affect us?

8 July 2016
Three points to reflect on the Intellectual Protection in Brazil
28 June 2016
Peru: Relevant aspects of Intellectual Property rights chapter in the Trans-Pacific Partnership
ARTICLE - 22 March 2016
New Official Fees in Venezuela Officially Published
14 March 2016
What the official Intellectual Property data of Spain for 2015 tell us
ARTICLE - 24 February 2016
Update of the first official data regarding Intellectual Property statistics in Spain at the end of 2015
3 February 2016
It is now possible to register domains .barcelona
ARTICLE - 15 January 2016
Domain Names and their conflict with the Trademark Registration
7 October 2015
Tactile Trademarks: the challenge of a new type of registration
25 September 2015
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