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The countdown begins: One year until the new Directive on Trade Secrets and Know How
ARTICLE - 13 June 2017
Sports and Intellectual Property
12 June 2017
Approving Regulations on Legislative Decree Nº 1075 about Distinctive Signs in Peru
2 June 2017
A Probably Coming up Treaty for Argentina?
26 May 2017
México and the PPH procedures (Patent Prosecution Highway)
ARTICLE - 24 May 2017
Value generation from the exploitation of Intellectual Property
23 May 2017
May 2017
EVENT - Hotel Santos Porta Fira
Clarke, Modet & Cº at the 139th INTA Annual Meeting in Barcelona
May 2017
EVENT - Barcelona
Clarke, Modet & Cº at the IACC 2017 Annual Spring Conference
The Utility Model and the protection of incremental innovations
ARTICLE - 16 May 2017

Mexico and China, different perspectives on innovation

8 May 2017
The importance of the specification as patent document
ARTICLE - 8 May 2017
Anvisa’s interference in brazilian’s patent prosecution: Is it coming to an end?
3 May 2017
Technological development at a Mexican manufacturing crisis
ARTICLE - 27 April 2017
Apr 2017
IP Innovation Breakfast
“Food is the holiest thing in Earth; everything we eat contains the universe”
26 April 2017
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