Clarke, Modet & Cº is the largest specialized Group in IPR in the Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries. Our presence in the world today covers a total of 10 countries with more than 450 experts who work from our 34 offices with an extensive network of correspondents in those countries where we are not present.



Being a multi-country specialized group in Latin America, Spain, Portugal and Portuguese-speaking countries, we have a comprehensive and differentiated vision that allows us to understand very well your needs regarding IPR. We count on specialized and multidisciplinary teams with a broad local and international knowledge that will advise you on your IP strategy in multiple business areas and multiple sectors.

We want to be your strategic partner and so we have a flexible organizational structure that allows you to channel your requests directly into each of our 10 companies or choose a single company where centralize the management of your portfolio with a single order, homogeneity in the management and payment adapted to your needs.

There is no doubt that a strategy of IPR must be aligned with  your business strategy. Clarke, Modet & Cº designs ,for each stage of the life cycle of your creation and innovation, the best strategy according to your business needs and particularities of local legislation.




Our commitment focuses on promoting innovation and creativity of organizations like yours, regardless of sector and type of business, ensuring the protection and maximization of inventions and creations at any time of the life cycle in which it is located.

We have analyzed the whole innovation cycle and have developed solutions to meet the different needs that may arise in each of the stages of this cycle. We work with you  prior to the conceptualization of the idea ,during the process of development and protection of the idea or invention, and at the time of your operation and marketing rights to defense and legal action in cases of infringement.

This is what we have built in Clarke, Modet & Cº by and for you. Uniting all our skills to maximize your IPR assets from all angles. So we offer you all our knowledge to not only protect your assets but help you maximize your portfolio, develop new opportunities, offer a clear insight into your markets, your business, your innovation and your brands.

 We offer you:

  • A comprehensive service
  • A turnkey service
  • A Personalized service
  • An Excellent service